Self Assessment Explained

Self Assessment Explained Pictures from both series

There are two forms of Self-Assessment that can be designed to meet your local needs in support of the Patient Safety series.

1) Computer Scored Modules in the form of a quiz.

These are quizzes that provide a wide range of question formats including:

  • Multiple choice
  • True/False
  • Matching
  • Short- answer

Click on this link to view an example Computer Scored Quiz Preview

2) We can create dynamic interactive modules that link directly to the live-action sequences on the programmes or customised sequences shot in your own working environment.

These can include video footage from the series or if required from your own local environment or we can adapt your own materials and use them within the assessment.

Click on this link to view an example The Journey Self Assessment Module

With Self-Assessment the online learning possibilities are endless.

Monitoring - Report Facilities

The Online resource allows you to monitor users activity and their results/grades from Quizzes and Self-Assessment Modules. The link below shows a demonstration of how these facilities work.

Report Facilities Demonstration

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